Anchor is a stablecoin, designed to preserve and enhance the holdings of its investors, backed by purchased government debt and pegged to the value of the global economy.

What Is Anchor?

Anchor is a new cryptocurrency introducing a truly stable peg of value for the first time on the global crypto-market. Anchor is modeled as a two-token system consisting of the Anchor coin, the system’s currency and the Dock, a collateralized utility token that is used to insure system stability

Anchor is addressing one of the biggest issues in the global economy – how to preserve monetary value over time, stabilize the value of any given currency, lower its volatility and prevent devaluation.

Anchor aims to solve the problem of liquidity, guarantee and trust on a global scale and thus tackle these burning issues directly, with the introduction of stability facilitated by the purchase of sovereign debt as the backing for the token.

Additionally, Anchor goes a step further than other cryptos, and proposes a solution for the systemic issue of instability in the financial markets in general – we have devised an innovative and universal monetary value measurement standard, in the form of a proprietary mathematical algorithm which we are calling the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU).

MMU will be a truly stable numerical value, regardless of local market dynamics, because it will reflect the true dynamics of the global economy based on real data and represent its actual monetary value. The MMU will be recalculated in real-time whenever pertinent data is available.

In light of this, Anchor’s value will be pegged to the MMU directly, providing a stable and dependable unit to store and preserve monetary value, as opposed to crypto and fiat currencies that are more susceptible to fluctuation as a result of market forces and the volatility of global and local economic landscapes.

The Anchor System

The Anchor’s two-token system is designed to provide stability and preserve the monetary value of its investor community over the long term. The Anchor incentivizes early-stage validators and investors with additional discounts and revenue streams.

Learn more about pre-sale benefits and the anchor system by downloading the whitepaper or registering your interest to become an Anchor validator or investor.

Download the full whitepaper and investor deck via the links below to get answers to all questions regarding how the anchor system works, who it is for, why you should invest in it and what the product roadmap looks like at the moment.

What Are the Main Features of the Anchor Cryptocurrency?




The Anchor Team

The Anchor Project is driven by a team of top domain experts & business leaders.

Daniel Popa

Daniel Popa

Founder, CEO

With over 20 years of Business development experience, Daniel is a passionate visionary entrepreneur, who successfully launched numerous companies in the fields of software development, telecommunications, call centers and technology.

Cristian Bronescu

Cristian Bronescu

Co-Founder, COO

A resourceful and hard hardworking project manager, Cristian has a strong technical and software background that helps him easily cross the bridge between the business and technical worlds, speaking both “languages” with the same proficiency.

Dan Banu

Dan Banu


Having a finance background with ABN-AMRO and Bank of America, Daniel, as company leader, masterfully manages teams with his ability to listen to those around him, respond in an efficient manner and decisively aim for the highest results.

Nemanja Lazić

Nemanja Lazić

Business Development Advisor

Nemanja has honed his leadership skills through multiple top management positions in Southeast European markets. His personal interest in blockchain technology set himself a simple goal – to build products that actually work.

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