Anchor is a stablecoin designed to provide token users with long-term price stability and protection against inflation.

Anchor is pegged to a non-flationary, algorithmic index that reflects the long-term growth of the global economy. The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) algorithm is based on the GDP of more than 190 countries, and further stabilized with FX indicators from a basket of eight currencies, and premium sovereign bond yields from 10 of the world’s strongest economies. By pegging Anchor to the sustainable, upward trend of global economic growth, the stablecoin will maintain its value regardless of any fiat currency’s strength, preserving purchasing power, and steadily increasing in value over time.

Offering the market an alternative to fiat-pegged stablecoins, Anchor’s tokenomics ecosystem is designed to be intrinsically stable with its MMU and safety-net of six stabilizing mechanisms, including a two-token, burn-mint model to ensure stability and equilibrium regardless of market growth or recession.

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Anchor is in final stages of development and planning to launch on global crypto exchanges in August 2019.

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