About The Company

Anchor AG is leading the change in the crypto space with a mission to create stability, transparency and trust.
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About the Company

Anchor AG is the company behind the Anchor dual-token Cryptocurrency and the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) project and it is incorporated in Switzerland. We are a passionate and driven group of individuals and domain experts, committed to creating a paradigmatic shift in the modern economic framework towards the preservation and stable growth in the value of people’s holdings.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to preserve and enhance the value of the holdings of individuals, businesses, organizations and whole economies, by creating a stable currency and financial standard.

We ensure Anchor’s stability by pegging it to the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU), a financial index that represents the real growth of the global economy.

Our Vision is to become a financial standard that shifts the current economic paradigm towards a stable and sustainable global economic ecosystem.

For a full and detailed insight into what we are creating, download our whitepaper.

Our Values

Empowerment – Handpicked team members with proven knowledge and collaboration skills guarantee that we attain the excellence that we strive for. We empower our teams to deliver value, and our users to take their financial well-being into their own hands.

Innovation – Changing what needs to be changed in order to deliver a better economic future for all.

Passion – When you’re looking to achieve something outstanding, you need be passionate about it.

Integrity – Transparent, ethical, honest, and fair, Anchor is a company that keeps its word.

Leadership – Leading the change in the crypto space that was bound to happen.

Diversity – We encourage difference in all walks of life, as we identify with it.

Stability – In an unstable world, we’re offering a safe harbor.


We believe that whatever you have earned in your life should not lose value.

Partner Network

The Anchor Partner Network consists of reliable, trusted, expert organizations that share our values and culture, as well as our belief that whatever an individual earns during their life should not lose value.

Together, we are responsibly creating a stable, secure, and predictable peg of value that will offset the effect of inflation and market volatility on your holdings.

Melrose PR

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Public Relations

MVP Workshop

Blockchain Product Design & Development

Four Dots

Advanced Digital Marketing Solutions

SMC Capital

Investment and Advisory Firm


Global Capital Markets and Blockchain infrastructure provider


Blockchain-focused marketing and business operations consulting firm. 

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Company Headquarters

Anchor AG | Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

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