ANCHOR AND MICHAEL NYE Co-Hosting Panel on How to Drive Mass Adoption

Co-hosting network boat party and panel discussion with Michael Nye of
Evolvement podcast and prominent global crypto thought leaders.

Zug, Switzerland — June 25th, 2019

About the Event

Boat Hop with Anchor and Michael Nye — June 25th, 2019

Anchor, the first non-flationary stablecoin pegged to global economic growth, and crypto influencer Michael Nye will co-host a boat party with a panel on how to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications alongside the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug, Switzerland on June 25th, 5-7pm.

Panelists will include global industry thought leaders Teck Chia, Partner at Binance Labs; Ilya Abugov, Head of Product and Research at Crypto Briefing; Joris Reding, Blockchain Consultant for Inacta; Nicolai Reinbold, Ecosystem and Incubation Manager at CV VC; and Daniel Popa, Founder and CEO of Anchor.

At Anchor, we believe in collaboration and supporting the blockchain and crypto community to help drive the industry forward.


Enjoy drinks, apéro riche, and a lively panel with blockchain industry influencers on the sidelines of Crypto Valley Conference. Our warm-up boat party brings you an engaging conversation on how to drive mass adoption with blockchain industry leaders live on Michael Nye’s Evolvement Podcast.

The boat will be anchored from 17:00-17:45 and then depart on a scenic cruise with a tour of Lake Zug and its surrounding mountains docking at 19:00.

Attendees will also be eligible to receive an airdrop of $100 USD worth of Anchor’s utility tokens, pending KYC pass.

Learn More About Anchor

A Safe Harbor for Your Holdings

Anchor is a stablecoin cryptocurrency pegged to a non-flationary, algorithmic index that reflects the long-term growth of the global economy. Our algorithmic index, the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) is based on the GDP of more than 190 countries and further stabilized with FX indicators from a basket of 8 currencies, and premium sovereign bond yields from 10 of the world’s strongest economies.

Offering the stablecoin market an alternative to fiat-pegged stablecoins, Anchor’s tokenomics ecosystem is designed to be intrinsically stable with its MMU and a safety-net of six stabilizing mechanisms, including a two-token, burn-mint model to ensure stability and equilibrium regardless of market growth or recession.

Check out the MMU Simulator and see for yourself the purchasing power and value you would preserve over time with Anchor.


Meet the Team

Look out for our team during the Boat Hop, as they will be presenting the Anchor Project and answering all questions to interested validators, investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Daniel Popa
Daniel Popa
Founder, CEO
Cristian Bronescu
Cristian Bronescu
Co-Founder, COO
Tijana D. Gertner
Tijana D. Gertner
Chief Marketing Officer
Olya Moskalenko
Olya Moskalenko
Chief Communications Officer

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