event report

MONEY 20/20 ASIA: Anchor Global Roadshow

Anchor presented its mission, vision, values and project to a carefully selected audience at an exclusive, invite-only event held during Money 20/20 Asia.

Singapore — March 21st, 2019

event report


Anchor unveils its stablecoin and roadmap

Everyone who was anyone in the crypto world was in Singapore from 19th till 21st of March. Thought leaders, disruptive innovators, traders, investors, media, and crypto enthusiasts have used this annual opportunity to meet, greet, and network during this outstandingly popular event. Of course, the Anchor team didn’t miss this chance to explore the future of money and connect with fintech and financial industry leaders.

Over three days, visitors to this event had heard some of the biggest companies and influencers in this space present their research, advancements, and thought-provoking ideas. Anchor’s team enjoyed networking and getting in-depth insights into factors changing blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. It was a pleasure meeting like-minded professionals who recognized the value our stablecoin project brings to the crypto space.

Since Singapore is a significant part of the Asia leg of our Global Roadshow, we decided to invite many of the attendees of Money 20/20 Asia, as well as numerous investors, exchanges, and media representatives to our exclusive, invite-only global roadshow event on 21st of March.

During this event, the Anchor team presented the newest stablecoin on the market. The only stablecoin pegged to the value of the global economy instead of being pegged to fiat or one of the other cryptocurrencies. Our CEO and founder, Daniel Popa, had spoken about our company’s inception, the road so far, as well as Anchor’s plans for future development and growth. After that, our team members were pleased to answer any and all questions attendees had.

If you have questions for our team, feel free to ask, and if you’re interested to become a part of the most promising financial product today, you can register your interest and use a unique chance to enter our presale queue and enjoy special benefits.


Members of our team who presented the Anchor Project in Singapore.

<p>Daniel Popa</p>

Daniel Popa

Founder & CEO
<p>Andrew Sarega</p>

Andrew Sarega

VP of Foreign Relations
Cristian Bronescu
Cristian Bronescu
Co-Founder & COO
<p>Olya Moskalenko</p>

Olya Moskalenko

Chief Communications Officer
Tijana D. Gertner
Tijana D. Gertner
Chief Product Officer
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Anchor is a two-token, algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the sustainable and predictable growth trend of the global economy.  Anchor offers token users long-term price stability, preservation of purchasing power, and protection against inflation, while hedging market volatility.

Stablecoins backed by fiat and real world assets are susceptible to the same market fluctuations, depreciation, and loss of purchasing power as their traditional counterparts to which they are pegged. The global economy, on the other hand, has a sustainable and predictable growth trend with global GDP steadily increasing over time. Providing an alternative to fiat-pegged stablecoins, Anchor aims to remain stable regardless of any fiat currency’s strength, market fluctuations, or economic recessions.

Our vision is to create a stable platform for any crypto or traditional currency to peg their value to, and to be a cornerstone for price stability as a global currency and financial standard.

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Read our Whitepaper to learn more about Anchor’s Tokenomics and Stabilizing Mechanisms.

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