Frequently asked questions:



What Is the Anchor?

The Anchor is a stablecoin that aims to preserve the value of your holdings. Anchor’s hybrid, blockchain-based, two-token system with its six defence mechanisms is designed to be resilient against market volatility and inflation.


What is the Anchor aiming to achieve?

The Anchor is aiming to stabilize the crypto markets by creating a new and stable ICO enabling platform, one that will integrate all the positive properties of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bancor, Tether, and CoinBase, while leaving out all the volatile elements.

By providing a stable and secure peg of value in the otherwise volatile market, The Anchor offers a token that other platforms and cryptocurrencies can be based on.


What Is the Anchor Pegged to?

The Anchor is pegged to the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU).


What Is the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU)?

The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) is a Financial Index developed by the Anchor Team, that is based on the real growth of the global economy and it is calculated through a proprietary formula. It is based on the dynamics of the world countries’ economies, taking into account a range of macroeconomic and financial indicators. The MMU will be used as a value peg for the Anchor and any other currency.


How Is the MMU Calculated?

The MMU uses a proprietary scientific formula that is based on the real growth of global GDP, Gross Domestic Product, and reflects the stable appreciation of the value of the global economy a true representation of the global economy’s value. By looking over 25 years in the past, the MMU formula shows a steady growth of about 2.5% per year. The basis for the calculation of the MMU relies on the growth of real GDP as an objective measure that excludes volatile effects of inflation and regional shocks, and provides a precise measure of each country’s influence on the real growth of the world economy.

The formula uses a proprietary algorithm to periodically process global macroeconomic indicators, validated by carefully selected Validators with an international reputation of reliability and transparency. The index is re-calculated whenever pertinent official global macroeconomic data becomes available.

The initial value of the MMU will be in public use after the official project launch and will be calculated using the preliminary formula. The MMU formula will be continuously perfected to increase calculation precision by expanding the number of input factors.


How Does Anchor Benefit from Pegging to the MMU?

Bearing in mind that the MMU is a true representation of the global economy’s value, which in turn steadily appreciates over time, pegging the Anchor to the MMU and aligning to the MMU’s value through a unique tokenomics, the Anchor is resilient to market volatility and inflation, key dynamics that affect fiat and crypto currencies that are currently in use.

Most cryptocurrencies are pegged to fiat currencies that are, in turn, significantly influenced by daily inflation market volatility.

The Anchor corrects itself against daily fiat currency inflation with the help of the Proprietary Formula and by pegging its value to the MMU. This process is overseen by the decentralized Blockchain, through Anchor’s Validators.


What Layers of Protection Does Anchor Have to Ensure Long Term Sustainability?

Anchor has 6 defense mechanisms. To ensure that the Anchor’s value is consistent and stable, our system is backed by multiple defense mechanisms. It is a 5+1 defense concept that prevents volatility.

The Global Economy Pillar

– The price of the Anchor Token is calculated by the MMU algorithm. This algorithm is based on the stable growth of global economy, which has been around 2.5% per year over the last 25 years.

The Daily Adjustment Pillar

– The MMU is adjusted daily based on the FX indicator, which includes the exchange rates of 20 countries with significant share in world GDP (participation of over 1%).

The Investment Pillar

– The capital in cryptocurrency and fiat that enters the Anchor System is invested in more stable capital assets, such as government bonds. As a result, this brings stability and trust to the Anchor ecosystem.

The Reinvestment Pillar

– The treasury bonds and assets acquired via the Investment Pillar generate interest that the system receives periodically. This interest is then reinvested into more such assets without issuing new Anchor Tokens, which ensures greater token stability, and acts as a defense against inflation and devaluation.

The Algorithm Pillar

– When inflation occurs, the system uses a validated formula to re-adjust the value accordingly to keep the Anchor’s price stable.

The Two-Token Model

– If all previous buffers fail to prevent fluctuations of the Anchor Token’s value (mostly in case of a downward trend), our utility token, the Dock Token, comes into play. Dock Token is the system’s stabilization token that is issued in order to back the Anchor token and keep its value stable. During the contraction phase in the Anchor System, the value of the Anchor Token in relation to its peg, the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU), may fall below a threshold, determined by validators to be the point when the value of the Anchor Token may continue into a free-fall phase. The Anchor’s notification system is then triggered and notifies the validators to open an auction for the purchase of Anchor Tokens from holders in exchange for Dock Tokens at preferential terms. Dock Tokens are purchased and placed in The Contraction Phase Queue, an ordered sequence for token redemption, followed by waiting periods after which Dock Tokens can be exchanged for Anchor Tokens under preferential terms on their respective release dates. However, thanks to the built-in refunding mechanism, Dock Token holders can exchange their tokens at any point in time and reverse the sale, receiving the original amount of Anchor Tokens used to purchase the Dock Tokens in the contraction phase auction.


Why will Anchor Rebuild the trust in the Crypto Markets?

The crypto market had lost nearly 200 billion dollars in 2018 due to its high volatility. As a result, people lost faith in it. Contrary from most offers in the crypto space, the Anchor system offers a non-volatile, stable investment that can only appreciate over time.

The Anchor aims to bring back the trust people initially had in cryptocurrencies by creating a new type of ICO’s, a truly Stable ICO platform, where investors may invest in the growth of newly launched ICOs without worrying about losing 50% or more of their investment floor in weeks. The Anchor will act as a Financial Anchor, and the MMU will act as a Financial Standard. By combining these two together and adding six safety mechanisms, the Anchor aims to rekindle the trust in the crypto investments.


What Is the Anchor Two-Token System Comprised Of?

The Anchor System is comprised of the Anchor Token and the Dock Token.


What are Anchor Tokens?

Anchor Tokens are stablecoins and the system’s main currency and payment token, pegged to the value of the global economy via the MMU.


What are Dock Tokens?

Dock Tokens are utility tokens that are only issued as a corrective and stabilizing measure against downward market trends. Dock Tokens can only be purchased during the presale phase. Each Dock Token issued will be fully refundable with Anchor Tokens under the original auction terms.


Why Invest in Anchor?

Investing in Anchor has several key advantages compared to other investment opportunities. The Anchor cryptocurrency offers transparency, stability, and trust. It is secure, easy to understand, and resilient to crypto-market volatility. The Anchor preserves the value of your holdings over time and provides a safe harbor for your investments.

Investing in Anchor comes with additional opportunities for profit in Presale and during Contraction and Expansion Phases in the two-token system.


How Can I Purchase Tokens in Presale?

In the Presale Phase, we are offering Dock Tokens only to Validators and select Investors. Please visit the Token Sale page on our website (link) and read through our current Presale offer. Click on the Register Your Interest or Contact Us button and fill in the registration form to get into the Validator or Investor queue in Presale.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


Who Can Purchase Tokens in Presale?

Validators and Investors.


Who are Validators?

20 Validator slots will be allocated only to highly reputable entities (e.g. financial institutions, auditors, banks, insurance companies, universities, investment funds, etc.), while the 21st slot is reserved for the Anchor Company. Validators will be the ones in charge of the decentralized governance of the Anchor hybrid System. Being a Validator is a time-intensive technical responsibility that requires a mature operational structure with professional integrity and extensive experience in running, monitoring, managing and maintaining data center infrastructure and its security.

Who are Anchor’s preferred Presale Investors?

Anchor invites companies and individuals from all industries to invest in Anchor in Presale, by registering interest and entering the Presale Queue. In this phase of the project, Anchor prefers reputable investors and operational teams who will embrace the vision of the Anchor Project and will contribute to its validation, adoption, stability and success.


What Is the Role of a Validator in the Anchor System?

The Anchor System Validators are the key to decentralized governance inside the system. These entities will form a decentralized entity gathered around the system’s core information whose main task will be to guarantee transparency of the system’s actions and make decisions on token issuance, sovereign debt purchase, and other issues relevant to the system.

How Do You Become a Validator?

The Anchor System’s Validator offers will be extended to reputable entities coming from different countries, as well as to global/transnational or multinational organizations that possess a high-profile/high reputation. Candidates for the Validator role must meet certain prerequisites in terms of expertise, reputation and capacity to successfully perform validation activities in the Anchor System, for which they are rewarded with four levels of incentivization. System Validators will be offered 20 batches of $3M worth of Dock Tokens at the price of $2M. Each Validator Candidate can purchase only one Batch of Dock Tokens.


When Will Anchor Be Available to the General Public?

When Presale ends, and when they become available on Exchanges.


Will the Anchor Build an Exchange?

In the beginning, the Anchor will be available on several Exchanges. As it develops, the Anchor plans to build an Exchange for Stable ICO’s, so any ICO or Trade may be done on a stable platform.


Will the Anchor Build a Trading Platform?

Our primary goal at this time is to be listed on prominent crypto exchanges (such as Binance). We are aiming to create our own trading platform in the future when we are firmly positioned on the market.


Who Can Purchase Anchor After Presale Ends?

Every Trader, Investor, and any company in the Crypto space will be able to purchase Anchor Tokenss when they become available on Exchanges. It is a stablecoin that will not fluctuate as the conditions in the market change.


Who Can Benefit from Anchor and How?

The Anchor system offers numerous beneficial opportunities to Validators, Investors, Traders, and anyone else in the crypto space. Thanks to the MMU, that The Anchor will be pegged to, we will be able to build a stable ecosystem that will then be possible to utilize for numerous applications, without the hindrance of the market volatility.


For instance, during the first phases of the Anchor System development, everyone who invests in Anchor gains in value against Inflation. This, in turn, means that the Anchor Token holders may have at least 5% more value on a yearly basis than they would have if they invested in a fiat-based cryptocurrency of fiat holdings.


Furthermore, crypto companies can peg their tokens to the Anchor.This way, it will be possible to anchor a company or investments, to a stable peg of value that is secure and guarantees stability. With the Anchor, one will not lose their investment in days or overnight. As a matter of fact, your investment will gain in value, at least so much as is the yearly inflation.


In the future, The Anchor plans to build an Exchange and a Trading Platform. New ICO’s will benefit by launching their platforms on a stable, non-volatile Anchor platform and Exchange. Established crypto companies and their investors and traders will benefit, by pegging their Tokens and exporting their Trades on the Anchor Exchange. Investors will benefit by investing in new ICO’s that will not be built on a volatile platform like Ethereum, which will render them able to profit as the new ICO performs, without risking as much as 50% of their investments because of ICO instability. Traders will benefit by trading on a stable, non-volatile Anchor Platform, and by simply gaining in their trades, without worrying about the volatility of the Anchor Tokens.