The Future of Crypto – Anchor @CIS 2019, Los Angeles

Anchor attended one of the leading conferences focused on blockchain technologies, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors, the CIS. After discussing the future of this industry, we have taken the conversation to our private roundtable dinner, where top names in the blockchain industry joined us.

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Anchor Glossary

The world of cryptocurrencies is vast and exciting. However, it includes a lot of terms that usually only those well-versed in the spheres of blockchain and economy understand. For that reason, we have compiled a list of terms that should help you out in reading most of our materials.

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How to stabilize a currency?

If you have spent any time reading up on our project you are aware that we are on our way to build the one true stablecoin that can make your holdings safe in the long run and weather the instability of the market while simply outpacing the rate of inflation.  But,...

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How Does Anchor Make Money

When people invest in cryptocurrencies they usually hope for big payouts thanks to the ever-fluctuating market. There are numerous examples of people making millions when the value of Bitcoin hit its peak at around $20,000. But, with Anchor, we promise to have a...

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