Cryptocurrency Communities Rejoice as Donald Trump Administration Bashes Crypto: “It’s Not Real Money” 

President Trump has recently published a tweet about Facebook’s Libra, Bitcoin, and basically every other cryptocurrency. What will that do to the blockchain landscape?  Twitter is definitely Trump’s weapon of choice in the arena of public relations. In one of his...

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Know Your Anchors

You’ve heard of a new stablecoin that has the potential to alter the crypto landscape - Anchor. However, when you google it, you get several different results. We are well aware of the fact that we’re one of three stablecoins under this name. So, we’re here to set the...

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Anchor’s MMU: Financial & Technical Aspects

At the very core of Anchor’s value proposition lies the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU), that indexes Anchor’s stablecoin to the real growth of the global economy. But what is it really, and how does it work?   The Starting Point In order to understand the MMU...

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Anchor Global Roadshow @BLOCKCHAINEXPO London

Top-tier crypto exchanges, VC funds, family offices, and traders found promising potential in the Anchor Stablecoin and Non-flationary Financial Index   Together with our partner SMC Capital, a New York-based venture capital and advisory firm, we hosted a private...

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Ambisafe Announces Partnership with Anchor has recently published an informative article covering one of the most relevant new partnerships within the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Namely, Ambisafe, a class-leading company that provides strong infrastructure for global capital markets...

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The Future of Crypto – Anchor @CIS 2019, Los Angeles

Anchor attended one of the leading conferences focused on blockchain technologies, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors, the CIS. After discussing the future of this industry, we have taken the conversation to our private roundtable dinner, where top names in the blockchain industry joined us.

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