MMU Simulator

What Is the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU)

The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) is the most accurate representation of the real growth of the global economy.

The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) indexes Anchor to the stable and predictable growth trend of the global economy. Data from the World Bank shows that since 1960, global GDP has expanded from $1.3trn to $80.7trn. World economic growth has increased at an average rate of 2.5% annually for the past 25 years despite market fluctuations within each country, thus providing a reliable measure for value. 

Taking into account daily fluctuating data from more than 190 countries from a multitude of validated sources, such as the IMF, World Bank, Bloomberg, Knoema, among others, the MMU’s core elements also include: 

FX Indicator -  Indexes currencies from 10 of the world’s strongest economies based on their participation in the world economy (> 1%). The FX indicator uses international market exchange rates for the most relevant currencies in the global economy and enables the daily nominal expression of the MMU.

MMU Premium - Calculates the amount of growth that can be expected based on sovereign bond yields of AAA-rated countries, as well as the average inflation rates. This Premium has been approximately 0.4% annually for the last 25 years.

Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) Value Peg for Major Currencies

Choose from the most widely-used fiat and crypto currencies to express the value
of the MMU based on daily exchange rates and compare the difference in
value and purchasing power between the selected currency and Anchor.


    Select a start date and end date to check the MMU trend for the selected period of time:

The value of the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) against a dynamic basket of global currencies