5 Types of Community Members

Dear fellow Anchorians, first things first, we hope this text finds you in good health! Now, everybody knows that with the emergence of the crypto industry, an online community has become an intrinsic part of every crypto project. We would say it’s not only an intrinsic part but the perfect mirror of a project. That is why we devote this article to you. So, embark on and enjoy it!

As you are a community member, you already know what it’s like to be on that side, but let us give you another perspective and bring you to the world of community support agents in the crypto industry. Holding that position means you encounter various situations, sometimes the hilarious ones! So, let us start by sharing one funny story with you and be your barrel of laughs!

It was just a regular working day, we came to the office, turned on our computers and opened the Intercom as we always do. A new question from a customer popped up, nothing unusual, but when we opened it, was there something to be seen! A question said: ‘What’s the cost of endoscopy in Guwahati?’ Hmm…  I’m sorry, whaat?? How in God’s name would we know this? We believe you came to the wrong group. But did we answer? Of course, we did! Just, this time we weren’t really of great help. Anyhow, if you came for infographics, statistics, and serious data, we have to disappoint you – true funny stories only! Don’t forget, we find all of our members to be a valuable part of our community.

Who’s Who?

When it comes to working with people on a daily basis, the general rule is, well, to each their own. However, we can’t help but make a certain categorization of community members’ types. We learned a lot about communicating with different profiles during this journey, and here’s how we divided them:

Your True Fans

If you want your community to grow and to have a bottom-up culture, you’re going to need ‘true fans’. Luckily, we encountered some people that showed vast interest in our product and even started to behave as if they were a part of the Anchor team – they were answering various questions in our Telegram channel, explaining our tokenomics to curious parties, and constantly asking about our product’s progress because they genuinely cared.  We have to be completely honest with you here: after you’ve explained the Contraction/Expansion mechanism for the millionth time, nothing warms your heart more than true fans taking that burden off your chest. Thanks for the support, guys, we appreciate it so much!

The Crashers

Reddit Meme

Listen, we don’t judge here! If you are a wee bit lost, we’ll help you find your way. Though, man, we had some interesting people sharing extraordinary stuff. Our favorite is probably one jolly fella from Africa that posted his business proposal on our channel. He’s a wizard, no joke. His proposal included charm protection against recession, sacred rituals to ensure your business endeavors will succeed, etc. What a day that was! Anyhow, some portion of your community members will inevitably be ‘crashers’, and that’s okay. Everyday communication and quality content will help you keep conversations within the group on point.

The Curious Ones

To have a curious community is indeed a blessing since proactive people give additional value, unlike the passive ones. Nonetheless, there is a sliiight difference between ‘’Can you tell me more about the MMU?’’ and ‘’For the 345th time, when will DOCT be swapped for ANCT?!’’. *sigh* And no matter how many times you explain one simple occurrence, there will always be more questions! Don’t get us wrong, nobody will ever be left without an answer, we know our duty very well. Naturally, among thousands of people, someone will always ask for an explanation and the Anchor team will be there each time!

Potential Partners?!

First, a disclaimer – Anchor conducts business inquiries only via e-mail and/or LinkedIn. Simply, we don’t find Telegram an official B2B channel. Yet, if you think we don’t receive a ton of business proposals on Telegram, yup, you are wrong. After ANCT’s launch on CoinMarketCap, many exchanges wanted to list our token. And that’s great! However, you understand why we are a little bit wary – there have been many scams throughout the years in the cryptocurrency industry.  So, it’s cool, we love to meet potential partners and investors, we just want to differentiate our channels of communication. 

The Experts

And last but not least, we have the fifth type we named ‘the experts’. These guys have vast experience concerning cryptocurrencies, mostly in trading but they’ve also seen many projects during the last few years. We believe that knowledge is meant to be shared among everyone, so we enjoy every opportunity to interact with these crypto enthusiasts. The experts are very valuable for our community since they can convey their experience to beginners and all those ‘newbies’ that are eager to learn.  Sure, you have to be a credible source of information for your members but we believe that a real community should nurture pear-to-pear relationships!

If you already are a member of the Anchor Project Community on Telegram, then you know very well what and whom we are talking about here.  If not, you’re invited to become the newest part of our crypto family >>

The Importance of Community

By Perry Grone, Unsplash

Now that we’ve introduced you to different types of members, let us tell you what our members mean to us and how important they really are. A community has always been the best representation of how strong society was. Time has changed, technology has advanced, the internet has appeared, but that importance of a community has never disappeared, it has only taken another shape, an online one.

As previously mentioned, every crypto project needs to nurture its own community since its inception in order to be able to grow. That is what we at Anchor take very seriously. From the very beginning of our project, we’ve tried to create a circle of people to build our project around. Why? Because if there are no members, there is no community. If there is no community, there is no product. That is something that we on this side need to bear in mind constantly. Having people of trust and people who really believe in your project is what gives you the chance to succeed. Those who really have faith in you will stand by you no matter what happens. We all know that the crypto industry is turbulent and quite unpredictable. That is why it is essential to have people who won’t try to escape the sinking ship, but who believe that it will sail again. When you succeed in making that kind of a community, then you know you are on the path to prosperity.

Final Thoughts

We are happy! You know why? Because if you are reading this, it means you’ve really enjoyed our article… or at least you’ve endured it! And for that, we do take credits. Whether you are a member of our community or just a passerby, having read this means you are in the crypto industry, so you do understand what we are talking about. Now and forever, we’ll underline the importance of the community and we’ll give our best to be the team of trust for all of our ardent supporters! Anchorians, this one was for you.

Title photo by STILLFX, Shutterstock.