Ambisafe Announces Partnership with Anchor has recently published an informative article covering one of the most relevant new partnerships within the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Namely, Ambisafe, a class-leading company that provides strong infrastructure for global capital markets and blockchain projects, has just announced partnership with Anchor.

Anchor, the world’s first truly stable and decentralized stablecoin indexed to the growth of global economy, will be relying on Ambisafe and their cutting edge technology services when it comes to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Developing Anchor’s stable token  
  • Anchor’s wallet for storing funds

…with the focus on highest security standards.

Ambisafe company has previously worked with many prominent crypto companies including Tether for whom they also developed a safe wallet. The company prioritizes security and builds only top-tier, state-of-the-art crypto technology that ensures the quality of code is top-tier and the security of their assets is the highest one possible. This approach and skillset brought them partnerships with leading names and companies within the crypto and blockchain landscape – including Polybius and Propy, alongside Tether.

They are developing Anchor’s stable token system via the ERC-20 protocol.  

Here’s what Daniel Popa, the Anchor CEO, had to say about the collaboration:

“After seeing the success Ambisafe has achieved with identifying vulnerabilities and bugs with other large-scale cryptocurrency projects, we feel confident our upcoming private token presale will be executed with the utmost safety and security,” said Popa.

From the other side of this important partnership, CEO of Ambisafe, Andrey Zamovskiy, said the following:

“Anchor brings real financial innovation and a stronger peg of value based on real world economic growth to the crypto and blockchain markets. We’re excited to be backing the technology side of the Anchor stablecoin project.”

To find out more about this exciting partnership between Anchor and Ambisafe, go to: Ambisafe Announces Partnership with Anchor, the World’s First Stablecoin Indexed to the Global Economy.

Title photo by Gerd Altmann, Pixabay.