Anchor and Michael Nye Co-host Captivating Panel and Boat Party During Crypto Valley Week

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Blockchain leaders and influencers joined panel discussion on vital elements necessary to drive mainstream adoption on Michael Nye’s Evolvement Podcast

Anchor together with Michael Nye, host of Evolvement Podcast threw a networking event on the sidelines of Crypto Valley Conference on June 25th that people are still talking about. Our intimate boat party went over capacity with 70 guests, and we had a surprise guest speaker on our panel, crypto icon, Didi Taihuttu of the Bitcoin Family

What better way to host a panel discussion on driving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies than with a backdrop of Lake Zug and its surrounding mountains to truly motivate inspiration, bring together the community, and enjoy a thought-provoking discussion? The champagne and delicious Swiss apero riche were also enjoyed by guests as they were taken on a scenic cruise while listening to important aspects that will help evolve the crypto industry and engage the masses such as usability, accessibility, affordability, and education. Topics discussed also included varying perspectives on Facebook’s new stablecoin Libra, as well as the influence of banks, governments, and regulators. 

Moderated by Michael Nye and recorded live for his Evolvement Podcast, panelists included industry thought leaders Teck Chia, Partner at Binance Labs; Ilya Abugov, Head of Product and Research at Crypto Briefing; Joris Reding, Blockchain Consultant for Inacta; our very own Daniel Popa, Founder and CEO of Anchor; and special guest star Didi Taihuttu of the Bitcoin Family.

Stay tuned to Michael Nye’s Evolvement podcast to listen to the panel discussion and hear what experts had to say. We will announce on our social and community channels, as well as update this page as soon as it’s live. 

Regarding the event, Michael Nye, host of Evolvement Podcast expressed, “The Anchor boat experience in Zug during Crypto Valley Week was a ton of fun. Great people, perfect venue, and good food. It was a real honor to host the panel and co-brand with Anchor, and I’m excited for the next one!”

On the topic of the panel, Ilya Abugov, Head of Product and Research at Crypto Briefing, conveyed, “It was great to participate in a thoughtful conversation about adoption. Conversations like this will help the industry mature.”

Joris Reding, Blockchain Consultant for Inacta, added, “Usability is the most important aspect when it comes to reaching mass adoption. If the usage is too complicated, you lose 95% of the users already – independently if a Bitcoin transaction would be cheaper than an international bank transfer for example.”

Daniel Popa, Founder and CEO of Anchor, added, “I truly appreciate our panelists, guests, and Michael Nye for being part of our event and creating an unforgettable experience. The blockchain ecosystem depends on people from different projects and perspectives coming together to exchange ideas and drive the way forward for mass adoption.”


Special thanks to all those who joined us, Michael Nye, our panelists, and guests for making it such a memorable event as well as for all of your support! 


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