Anchor Backstage: MMU Team Working Session

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The Anchor Company is a collection of domain experts and talented members, organized into several teams, covering Business & Management, Blockchain Development & Tokenomics, Sales & Marketing, and the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) Development Team.

The MMU Team is at the core of the Anchor vision. They are putting a number of macroeconomic indicators into a proprietary formula to produce a unique index, the MMU, that represents the true value of the global economy.

Now you can peek behind the curtains and see what a progress checkpoint session of the MMU Development team looks like and where we currently stand with the formula and its application as a value peg for the Anchor stablecoin.



MMU in a Nutshell

Aleksandar Manic, our Quantitative Finance Expert, provides a concise explanation of the MMU


How the MMU Works

A concept like the MMU is only as good as its application. That’s why our Tokenomics Architect, Ivan Markovic PhD, has given a plastic example of how Anchor preserves and enhances value.

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