Anchor Featured on CCN as a Viable Stable Coin Solution

Many doubt whether there exists real substance in the blockchain industry’s groundbreaking applications that are intended to impact our understanding of modern economics. CCN, as an unbiased financial news site, focuses on the real state of affairs in the crypto market.

The focus of the article is on stable coins. It highlights the fact that the most prominent stable coins solutions like Tether, US Dollar Coin or JP Morgan Coin are promising only in theory. So far, all have failed to deliver predictability, stability, and transparency they promised.

Why are we so shaken by the volatility of the fiat and crypto market? The article helps us realize that the precipitous drops of Blockchain and Ethereum leave many with little to show for their investments. Furthermore, fiat markets suffer from inflation across the globe. Even the US dollar, which is considered the most stable fiat currency, has lost more than half of its value over the course of 30 years.

CCN recognizes Anchor as a potential solution. As you may already know, Anchor is pegged to a proprietary index and based on the proprietary algorithm, the Monetary Measurement Unit. The MMU is based on the global economic growth calculated from daily international financial data from more than 190 countries.

Why? Because even though both crypto and fiat markets are in the state of decline, the global GDP has demonstrated long-term stability. The MMU calculations represent the average global growth over extended periods of time and as such minimize the effects of short-term shocks.

Anchor seems to have laid the groundwork for a monetary system to protect, preserve, and enhance investments over time with a transparent, stable, and predictable financial standard.

To find out more, check out the entire article on CCN.

Title photo by Shiva Smyth, Pexels.