Anchor Featured on Crypto Currency News as a New Financial Standard and Monetary System


This February, Anchor was featured on one of the most prominent industry news platforms – CryptoCurrencyNews. The article focused on describing the mechanics behind our stable coin solution, listing its benefits, and explaining how it differs from any other stable coin present on the market.

First off, readers learn that Anchor is a dual-token stable currency pegged to a proprietary Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU). The MMU calculates the value and growth of the global economy with validated data, including the real GDP of more than 190 countries. As such, Anchor system represents the most stable, transparent and predictable financial standard.

Anchor CEO Daniel Popa was also cited and he outlined Anchor’s mission to create a foundation for a sustainable and healthy global economy; he states that although we are in dire need of economic stability, up until now no stable coin solution proved to be truly stable and non-volatile.

Here enters Anchor, comprised of two types of tokens:

  • Anchor tokens which serve as the main currency used for trading activities
  • Dock tokens, auxiliary utility tokens which purpose is to keep the Anchor’s value pegged to the MMU

Since many are still likely to question Anchor’s volatility, the article explains what happens in case of a Black Swan event, like inflation. Namely, if the Anchor token’s value falls below the MMU value, an open auction with a reward system will be initiated for Anchor Token holders to incentivize them to exchange their Anchor Tokens for Dock Tokens to stabilize the currency. When the exchange rate for the Anchor Token rises above the MMU, an expansion phase will be initiated. At that point, Anchor Dock Token owners can convert their tokens back into Anchor Tokens at a much higher value.

But let’s not get into that many details here – check out the entire article on Crypto Currency News, as well as Anchor website which provides all the information you need to understand the idea behind our stable coin solution.