Anchor Featured on PRWeb as a New Financial Standard and Monetary System

We here at Anchor are proud of our stablecoin solution and firmly believe it will safeguard investments against economic volatility, inflation and market speculation. Still, it is an honor to hear that others have recognized its potential, as well.

Anchor was featured on Cision PRWeb, leading platform for online news distribution, which cited its features and benefits. The article explains the mechanics behind Anchor, listing proof why its MMU provides the most accurate measure of the current value.

Secured by a safety net of six economic, financial, and algorithmic pillars, our stablecoin is protected against inflation, devaluation, and volatility. A short section about the tokens is included as well, which describes the two types – Anchor tokens intended to act as the main currency for trading, and Dock Tokens that will keep Anchor pegged to the MMU.

The article highlights the importance of economic stability, quoting our CEO Daniel Popa who says that “no currency in fiat or crypto market is truly stable and non-volatile”. He states Anchor’s mission to create a foundation for a sustainable and healthy global economy. The team also has the desire to help national economies find long-term financial stability, and individuals maintain the value of their earnings.

Visit PRWeb to read the entire article.

Title photo by PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay.