Anchor Stablecoin and Non-Flationary Financial Index Launches Test Net

NEW YORK – APRIL 08, 2019

Anchor, the world’s first stablecoin pegged to the global GDP that aims to preserve value while hedging inflation and market volatility, has rolled out public testing for its platform. Anchor is showcasing both its public platform and Validators’ dashboard as major steps towards its private token presale set to launch in May.

Offering the crypto market a transparent and scalable alternative to Tether (USDT), and other stablecoins, Anchor’s tokenomic infrastructure is designed to be fundamentally stable with a dual-token, burn-mint model and a stable financial index, the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU). The MMU is Anchor’s algorithmically-based peg of value that reflects the sustainable, long-term trend of global economic growth while protecting against inflation, regional shocks, and politically-biased influences.

The public test net allows users to interact with Anchor’s user interface and create their own wallet supporting all major currencies available on both Stellar and Ethereum platforms. Users can pseudo purchase Anchor Tokens (ANCT), the payment currency, and Dock Tokens (DOCT), the system’s utility tokens that ensure ANCT remains indexed to the value of the global GDP through an incentivized burn-mint model.

The Validators’, aka Oracles’, dashboard offers interested parties an opportunity to experience Anchor’s decentralized governance and tokenomics model. Anchor will have a governing body of up to 21 members allocated to reputable financial and academic institutions with competing priorities to minimize risk of collusion, with one slot reserved for parent company Anchor, AG. Validators are responsible for the decentralized consensus of the value of the MMU, token price, token volume, and other processes.

“Many stablecoins currently on the market offer digitized versions of fiat currencies, which intrinsically lose value due to inflation and are vulnerable to market fluctuations and volatility. In order to be stable, a currency must be pegged to a stable unit of value,” said Daniel Popa, Founder and CEO of Anchor.

Mr. Popa continued, “Welcoming all crypto traders and enthusiasts to test out both Anchor’s public and Validator platforms. I encourage you to see for yourself the highly-motivating distribution system of our two-token model, and the 25 years of official financial data from more than 190 countries that goes into formulating the MMU algorithm, ensuring stabilization and predictability of our monetary ecosystem.”

Anchor is continuing discussions with potential Validators, investors, traders, and exchanges at their private roundtable dinner organized by SMC Capital, NYC-based venture capital and advisory firm, alongside upcoming blockchain conference Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, California, April 9-10th.

Earlier, Anchor held two private roundtables for representatives of the Asian blockchain and crypto community as part of the first leg of their roadshow, which took place in Hong Kong and Singapore. The events aimed to inform investors, traders, exchanges, and the media about the Anchor stablecoin project and opportunities for early adopters.

To access the test nets, interested parties can join Anchor’s global communities and send a request on Telegram, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

Title photo by alphaspirit, Shutterstock.