Anchor’s Lead Value Peg Developer Zoran Grubisic Featured on BLOCKTV


Our lead value peg developer, Zoran Grubisic, PhD, was recently interviewed for Chainbreakers segment on BLOCKTV, regarding his work for Anchor, and the potential that our currency has to attract investors looking for a risk-free opportunity.

Professor Grubisic mainly focused on the proprietary monetary indicator – MMU (Monetary Measurement Unit), which is exactly what makes Anchor different from other stablecoins. He explained how most of the cryptocurrencies tie their value to fiat currencies, commodities like gold, or to other cryptocurrencies that are not impervious to inflation. Naturally, this meant that any kind of stability and scalability in terms of value was impossible to achieve for these cryptos.

And that is exactly why the MMU was developed by The Anchor.

Based on complex proprietary algorithms and research of economic trends covering the last quarter of the century, this value is constantly adapted to the changing conditions. It is this unit that, combined with the Dock Tokens, that makes sure Anchor remains stable. In order to calculate the MMU, we observed the major players in the global economy (20 countries, each with more than 1% participation in the world trade), focusing on their GDP, currency exchange rates and government bond yields, and found a way to ensure that Anchor isn’t tied to any single marker, but instead follows the global economic growth, estimated at a steady 2.5% per year.

While the final test of any cryptocurrency’s validity, market adoption and buy-in, still lays ahead of Anchor, initial reactions from the public are boosting our confidence in the system we have created and indicate that our currency has real potential to become one truly and uniquely stable stablecoin.

To find out more on Anchor, watch the entire interview on BLOCKTV.