Anchor Releases Digital Wallet Ahead of Its Listing on Liquid Exchange

Authored by: Olya Moskalenko
Published in: Cointelegraph
Date: August 21, 2019
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In advance of being listed on Liquid exchange at the end of August, Anchor, a two-token algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the sustainable and predictable growth of the global economy, has launched beta testing for its new Anchor Wallet. The Anchor Wallet is a digital hot wallet that can be used to purchase ANCT with any fiat currency or major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC.

Anchor Founder and CEO Daniel Popa said, “The release of our Anchor Wallet beta testing marks a significant step towards our preparation for launching on the premier exchange, Liquid. We are committed to offering token users long-term price stability and preservation of purchasing power.”

Title photo was taken from Liquid.