Anchor Promoted on Albany Times Union as a Stable Investment Opportunity

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Introducing solutions meant to address global problems requires a lot of support from the general public. For one, their input is invaluable in predicting complications we wouldn’t think of on our own, but even more importantly, we will need their active participation to get Anchor off the ground.

The fact that Albany Times Union recognized the potential our currency has, brings us all one step closer to getting the traction necessary for this idea to come to full fruition. The post explains the main principles behind Anchor, namely the fact that the stability of our coin won’t be tied to any other currency, fiat or crypto, but to our own standard calculated based on the growth of global economy.

We named this standard Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) and pegged our currency to it so as to ensure it will help our investors keep up with the growth of the global economy, instead of burdening them with a system tied to deprecating fiat currencies, as was the choice of many other cryptocurrency providers.

In order to ensure that our Anchor Tokens are as valuable as they need to be to meet the conditions set by the MMU, in other words, to keep them stable, we have created another type of token, i.e. Dock Tokens. As their name implies, they are to be traded as needed when the value of Anchor Tokens falls below that demanded by the MMU.

If you want to learn more about how we hope to create a stable monetary system, you can read the entire article here.

Title photo by QuinceCreative, Pixabay.