Anchor Stablecoin Unveils Panelists for #AncoredInAsia Launch Party and Panel Co-hosted with Michael Nye

Global industry thought leaders and influencers will come together to discuss ‘crypto beyond trading’ on the sidelines of Invest: Asia in Singapore on September 12th

September 5th, 2019; New York, NY — Anchor (ANCT), a two-token, algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the sustainable and predictable growth trend of the global economy, and crypto influencer Michael Nye are co-hosting #AnchoredInAsia Official Launch Event and panel discussion in Singapore on September 12th. The expert panel includes YouTube Influencer and CEO of The Moon Channel, Carl Eric Martin; YouTube Influencer and Co-founder of MMCrypto, Chris; Twitter Influencer and CEO and Co-founder of The Block Journal, David Hsiao (aka Crypto Godfather); Head of Brand Marketing and Communications of Liquid, Katherine Ng; Founder of B21, Nitin Agarwal; and Chief Product Officer of Anchor, Tijana Gertner.

The panel discussion on the topic of Crypto Beyond Trading will be mediated by Michael Nye and aired on his Evolvement podcast.

In the lead up to #AnchoredInAsia launch event, Michael Nye, host of the Evolvement Podcast, said, “After working with Anchor to host a live panel discussion for their boat party in Zug, Switzerland on the sidelines of Crypto Valley Conference, I am excited about our upcoming event in Singapore and know it will be a blast. I look forward to discussing all things crypto and blockchain with the incredible thought leaders who will be featured on the panel.”

Chris, YouTuber, and Co-founder of MMCrypto conveyed that, “Bitcoin is the most scarce asset that has ever been available to humans. Soon it will be the most valuable asset that has ever been available to humans. A recession is imminent. This is why content and panels like this are so important. Only those who realize it early will be the beneficiaries – and we are still early. We are the crazy ones, the misfits and troublemakers.”

CEO and Host of The Moon YouTube channel Carl Eric Martin said, “Bitcoin is the best form of money in history.”

CEO and Co-founder of The Block Journal, David Hsiao commented, “This industry can be so focused on short term token prices that the long term developments sometimes slip through the cracks. The #AnchoredInAsia event and panel on Crypto Beyond Trading will dive deeper into the topics that truly impact us the most in crypto.”

Founder of B21, Nitin Agarwal shared, “In order for crypto to gain mass adoption, consumer products need to be built which not only replace the incumbents but also make the product user’s life better.”

Katherine Ng, Head of Brand Marketing and Communications at Liquid commented, “Liquid is the first exchange to offer traders the opportunity to purchase, trade, and exchange Anchor (ANCT), the first algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the global economy. I look forward to discussing topics in crypto that extend beyond the realm of exchanges with Anchor and the other panelists.”

Tijana Damjanovic Gertner, Chief Product Officer at Anchor, expressed, “I look forward to representing Anchor on our diverse panel of thought leaders and sharing how our algorithmic stablecoin provides both short and long-term solutions to challenges plaguing fiat economies. From a hedge against volatility and long-term resistance to inflation, to preservation of purchasing power for pensions and college savings, Anchor offers a stable store of value unparalleled in fiat and crypto economies alike.”

Guests at the event will enjoy complimentary drinks and floating canapes while networking with 150+ attendees including crypto traders, exchange representatives, investors, influencers, and media. 

In addition, all attendees present will be eligible for an airdrop of 50 Anchor Tokens (ANCT), upon passing KYC, that can be used for buying, trading, and selling ANCT on the Liquid exchange.

#AnchoredInAsia is Anchor’s official launch event to celebrate the stablecoin’s first listing on the Liquid exchange, their upcoming listing on IDEX at the end of September, and the release of the Anchor Wallet best testing program.

Crypto traders, exchange representatives, influencers, media, and enthusiasts can register for an exclusive ticket by visiting:

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