Anchoring in Miami: The Anchor Project at TNABC Miami

Attendees of The North American Bitcoin Conference will get a chance to hear firsthand about the first real stablecoin – The Anchor –  that will revolutionize the world of economy.

The Anchor project will be presented for the first time at one of the most relevant conferences in the crypto space.  The project founder, Daniel Popa, together with the VP of Sales, Michael Trickey, and Andrew Sarega, Anchor’s VP of Foreign Relations, will attend The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami from January 16th to January 18th.

TNABC is one of the largest and most significant annual events in the crypto space, and it will set the tone for the upcoming year.

Founded in 2012, this conference is where many outstanding blockchain-based projects have first been presented.  It is among the best places possible for starting discussions regarding disruptive technologies and blockchain. That is exactly why the Anchor project has chosen this conference for its first public presentation.

If you’re planning to attend the conference, you should definitely come on January 17th, at 12.20 and hear what Andrew Sarega has to say about this new, up and coming cryptocurrency. The first true stablecoin will truly be an Anchor for the coming storm.

The Anchor project will also have a booth on the event floor, and those interested in the newest two-token crypto can visit it. The project founder, the VP of Sales, and several other key team members will be there, ready to answer any questions regarding the project. If you want an in-depth insight, you can also schedule a one-on-one presentation at the Anchor booth.

You can find us at the booth number 206, near the lounge.

For more information regarding Anchor’s presence at TNABC Miami, you can visit our event page.


About The Anchor Project

Created to tackle one of the biggest issues in the global economy, Anchor is a new cryptocurrency that introduces a truly stable peg of value. It is a stablecoin that will preserve monetary value over time thanks to its two-token system that will be backed by purchased sovereign debt.


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