Anchor’s Launch of the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) Simulator Featured in Yahoo! Finance

For many, Yahoo! Finance is the go-to medium for getting news on the latest developments and innovations in the financial sector. Recently, they published an article on Anchor and the launch of its Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) Simulator during the New York Blockchain Week.

About the MMU Simulator

Right now, there is plenty of volatility on the cryptocurrency market and around stablecoins. Furthermore, the high level of depreciation of fiat currencies is consistent, which makes them unrelentlessly unstable.

Above all, this sort of environment is not attractive to potential investors and has actually made them lose trust. However, Anchor aims to change that through an algorithmic peg of value. The MMU Simulator is a proprietary scientific algorithm that can process global financial market indicators. Consequently, it can objectively show long-term global economic growth.

According to Daniel Popa, the founder and CEO of Anchor, it took two years to perfect the MMU algorithm and make it suitable for public testing. Still, all that hard work has paid off. Now, the public can analyze the importance of having a stable currency pegged to MMU; a currency that won’t fall victim to the recession, inflation, and extreme market volatility.

There are two ways to use the simulator. The first one requires users to input a start and an end date to see the value of MMU for a selected period of time. On the other hand, they can also use the simulator to get the value peg for 19 currencies. As a result, they would get to analyze the differences in purchasing power and value.

Anchor has gone the extra mile by offering the world a resilient currency pegged to the global economy. With its simulator, a six-pillar safety net and a team of experts behind it, stability is its main goal. In fact, it’s something the use of MMU will definitely bring.

To find out more about the MMU Simulator and Anchor’s ecosystem, read the full Yahoo! Finance article here.

Title photo by oekka.k, Shutterstock.