Bitcoin Exchange Guide Featured a Comprehensive Article about Anchor

Anchor Stablecoin

The folks over at Bitcoin Exchange Guide featured an informative and rather comprehensive article about our next-generation cryptocurrency and how Anchor’s holdings work. This blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency oriented news platform recognizes all the benefits of our two-token model and explains why Anchor has the potential to become, not just the next big crypto token, but the fulcrum of future (potentially) fiat-free global economy.

Bitcoin Exchange Guide mentions the volatility of the current cryptocurrency market due to the fact that the entire global economic system features high levels of instability at the moment, which paves the way for inflation and thus renders all crypto coins (that peg their value to fiat money or commodities) unstable and unable to maintain value.

This is a huge problem for potential investors as the entire crypto market has lately been shrouded with a certain veil of doubt. Businesses and individuals who seek crypto related investment opportunities now fear that the money they are investing might be lost due to crypto’s depreciating value and their susceptibility to inflation.

This is where Anchor comes into play with a solid solution.

With Anchor’s algorithm-backed two-token model that involves a safety net consisting of six security pillars, and with the value partially pegged to the world’s rising GDP, The Anchor truly has the potential to become the first ever nonvolatile stablecoin that is completely immune to inflation.

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