BlockPublisher: Daniel Popa, the CEO of Anchor, and Other Industry Experts Predict Bitcoin’s Future Price

As an independent news publication dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain updates and news, BlockPublisher is highly valued in the crypto community. Therefore, to maintain a certain standard, for a recently published article, they didn’t rely on their own research only. Instead, they asked several industry experts, including Daniel Popa, the CEO and founder of Anchor, to predict Bitcoin’s 2019 year-end price.

According to John McAfee, the famous antivirus software tycoon and crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin could reach $1 million one day. However, for most looking to invest in crypto, both short-term and medium-term prices matter most.

To answer the burning question, Block Publisher contacted Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc and ADVFN plc. His prediction was one of the more modest ones — $11k-£12k trading range. The rise will most likely come from uncertain geopolitical conditions and overall political instability. People will start looking for a safe alternative, and Bitcoin will seem like the right choice.

High value is in the cards

On the other hand, Eric Brown, founder and CEO of Aliant Payments and Monica Eaton-Cardone, co-founder and COO of Chargebacks911, gave even higher predictions, $23,000 (end of 2019) and $30,000 (end of 2020) respectively.

As Brown points out, technology is rapidly growing. Thus, Bitcoin’s value will increase even though it’s still a novelty to most consumers. Meanwhile, Monica Eaton-Cardone emphasizes the importance of Bitcoin’s popularity and how it can affect the price and demand.

Yet, Daniel Popa focuses more on the fact that speculation is what’s driving Bitcoin’s price up. The more people claim it’s going to be $1 million one day, the more likely those claims will come true. Also, he points out that the TAAR (Transaction Amount to Active Addresses Ratio) indicates a powerful bull run is already happening. Thus, the mastermind behind Anchor stablecoin believes Bitcoin is likely to go past the $10,000 mark.

To learn more about Bitcoin price predictions and what experts believe will drive the price up, read the entire article here.

Title photo by jaydeep, Pixabay.