CCN: Daniel Popa, Anchor Founder and CEO, on Dogecoin and the Perception of Crypto

CCN Markets, formerly known as, is a global news organization that, among other topics, covers cryptocurrency and blockchain as well. Additionally, they welcome guest writers. Daniel Popa, Anchor founder and CEO, decided to contribute to their website by giving his insight on Dogecoin.

What started as a joke a few years ago grew into a full-fledged crypto project, made possible by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. In its very core, the Dogecoin is similar to Bitcoin, in that it also has POW block validation and a limited supply.

Over time, the coin gained traction, and the crypto community has been using it for micropayments and tipping. However, what really put it back into headlines is the recent Binance announcement. On July 5, the exchange revealed they would list DOGE and make it available for trading.

The announcement helped the price of Doge go up by 40%, and the media response was overwhelming at times. Still, the surge of interest in Dogecoin has let it stay in the spotlight for long enough for most people to learn more about it.

The bad press conundrum

The question is — can this level of media exposure harm the crypto community? Now that people like Daniel Popa are trying to create stablecoins that would protect users from inflation and volatility, letting cryptocurrencies become a laughing matter is not an option. For crypto to become readily available, and above all, useful to everyone, mass adoption is necessary.

Dogecoin’s media exposure is not helping its purpose. Big-fish institutional investors haven’t yet delved into the crypto market due to a variety of reasons, including headline risks. Since Dogecoin’s meme past still haunts it, the crypto world could suffer. The public might brand it as immature.

To find out more about Dogecoin and what might happen once the laughter stops, read the entire article here.

Title photo by Gino Crescoli, Pixabay.