LAB Radio Podcast: Informative Interview With Daniel Popa on Anchor & Stablecoins is a fantastic platform that covers the latest news from the crypto and blockchain world, and their mission is simple – to try and educate people, organizations and the entire marketplace about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They also have a podcast called LAB Radio which recently featured our own Daniel Popa, the CEO of Anchor.

The interview starts off with Popa talking about his experience, former companies that he led, the emergence and the acceptance of new technologies, and – most importantly – how he got involved in the cryptocurrency business. They soon move onto tackling the questions of why current cryptocurrencies are unable to maintain their value and stability, how inflation works, why the value of the US dollar fluctuates, and why the crypto market desperately needs Anchor as the next big stablecoin.   

Popa continues to explain why Anchor is a great investment opportunity, about Anchor’s holdings and how our stablecoin manages to ward off volatility and maintain value through its surefire backing mechanism and a safety net consisting of 6 pillars. Note: To find out about these security pillars, click on the link below. 

They also cover the technicalities behind the MMU (Monetary Measurement Unit); why is important that the algorithm is proprietary; why The Anchor uses a two-token system; and what the overarching goal of The Anchor project is.

As a nice bonus, they also recommend additional resources that would be helpful to those who want to delve deeper into this landscape.

To learn more about stablecoins, current cryptocurrency market and its biggest issues, and – ultimately – why and how Anchor poses as an all-encompassing solution, listen to the entire interview HERE.

Title photo was taken from LAB Radio Podcast.