Crypto Token Talk and The Coin Boys Special: Anchor Has the Potential to Change the World

In a joint episode of two crypto podcasts, Daniel Gutierrez and Andy Steig of The Coin Boys fame join Kelley Weaver, host of Crypto Token Talk, and guest host, Nikki Brown. Together, they discuss all the latest developments in the blockchain world and mention Anchor as one of the projects that could have a positive impact on the global economy.

The episode starts with each host explaining how they developed an interest in cryptocurrency and what their podcasts are all about. It quickly becomes evident that they didn’t have an exact blockchain background; they were just at the right place at the right time. Kelley, for example, found out about this new and emerging technology through Gem. Meanwhile, Nikki has been in it for only three years and developed an interest through Melrose PR.

Mass Adoption: What Will it Take for People to Accept Crypto?

Mass adoption could happen, but only if experts strive to educate others on it. Right now, most of them are afraid to use it, but regular usage is crucial. Little by little, as new developments come into the spotlight, the true benefits of blockchain technology will become evident to everyone.

However, certain changes have to happen. New technologies have to become accessible to everyone, not just those who were the early adopters. Additionally, not everything has to be decentralized. People should understand the value of having decentralized payment systems but not exclusively decentralized news sources, for example. In any case, there’s space for both centralized and decentralized systems. Still, both the community and the industry have to stay open to changes. More importantly, they ought to give access to those who are now starting to learn about blockchain.

Towards the end of the episode, the hosts briefly talk about new and exciting projects that are actually working. These fully-functional projects include Anchor, which is looking to create a stable store of value; a stablecoin that could transform the global economy. Another example is Numifex, which allows merchants to use cryptocurrencies for payments.

Overall, mass adoption will happen if the tension that’s plaguing the crypto universe right now subsides. Additionally, educating others, even those who know nothing about it, is what will drive mass adoption further.

To learn more about the future of mass crypto adoption, as well as the projects that don’t exist just in theory anymore, listen to the entire episode here.

Title photo by Matt Botsford, Unsplash.