Crypto Token Talk Podcast: Tijana Damjanovic Gertner (Anchor), Nash Foster (Pyrofex) and Ken Brook (MetaX) on Uses, Issues and Mass Adoption of Blockchain

Blockchain is definitely here to stay, so it’s great news there are podcasts such as Crypto Token Talk, which explores blockchain technology applications and crypto assets in order to show just how much the world will change in a few years. At the Crypto Invest Summit in LA, California, the host, Kelley Weaver, talked to an interesting group of panelists. Among them was Tijana Damjanovic Gertner, the chief marketing officer of Anchor. She was joined by Nash Foster, the CEO of Pyrofex, and Ken Brook, the CEO of MetaX.

Kelley started by allowing her guests to introduce themselves and explain which position they hold in the world of blockchain. Then, the questions started. Each guest spoke of what the best use cases of this technology would be and how those relate to their projects.

With Tijana shedding some light on the importance of prioritizing stability of the crypto market and Anchor’s role in it, Nash explaining how day-to-day transactions could be made simple with crypto, and Ken reminding everyone that education is indispensable, the conversation slowly developed. Each guest gave a unique insight into how the mass adoption of blockchain could be made possible.

Knowledge is key when it comes to the world accepting new technologies. Still, nothing can happen overnight. It will take anywhere from 3 to 10 years until mass adoption becomes a reality. As Nash said — back in the day, accountants didn’t know how to use spreadsheets. Today, accounting firms cannot live without them. Changing the world’s perspective so that it accepts blockchain will take time — but it’ll happen.

To learn more about stablecoins, mass adoption of blockchain, how it can affect digital advertising, and the current issues that plague the crypto world, listen to the entire podcast here.

Title photo by whiteMocca, Shutterstock.