Daniel Popa Talks About Why Anchor Has More Potential than Tether

Coin Rivet, one of the most active and trusted crypto and blockchain news platforms, has recently done a candid interview with our own Daniel Popa, the CEO of Anchor. The discussion scraped some of the most relevant topics related to the blockchain technology, the future of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, while he also talked about why he chose to dive into this somewhat tricky and volatile landscape.

The interview starts with an interesting examination of Tether as one of the strongest stablecoins on the crypto market today. Popa goes on to explain that Tether’s value is pegged to the US Dollar, which is among the biggest pitfalls in the blockchain industry since fiat currencies tend to depreciate in value over time and are highly susceptible to inflation.

Whereas Anchor ties its value to the tangible growth of the global economy which made way for our company to develop a surefire proprietary algorithm called the MMU (Monetary Measurement Unit). The MMU itself features six pillars of security that form a safety net consisting of six strong financial and economic mechanisms that are able to secure Anchor’s value and keep it stable and consistent.

With the MMU and the world GDP (which has been on a steady rise over the past 25 years), Anchor has the potential to become the very fulcrum of crypto-based economy on a global scale. Since our coin is not dependable on fiat money, it has the much needed stability and the ability to obviate market volatility, and is therefore impervious to inflation and value fluctuation.

To read and hear more about why Anchor is the future of economy, checkout the entire interview HERE.

Title photo by Pete Linforth, Pixabay.