Daniel Popa on Evolvement Podcast: Creating a Usable Scale for Money

Anchor CEO Daniel Popa on Evolvement Podcast

Evolvement, one of the most prominent finance and crypto related podcasts, has recently done a detailed and informative interview with our own Daniel Popa, the CEO of Anchor stablecoin. During the podcast, they talked about how Popa entered the crypto world and tackled some of the following topics:

  • stablecoins
  • cryptocurrencies
  • BitCoin
  • Ethereum
  • how he got dragged into the crypto world
  • Anchor’s unique stablecoin mechanism
  • the future of the banking landscape, etc

The main part of the interview starts with Popa reminiscing on some of the most pivotal checkpoints from his past, mentioning his previous business endeavors and successes, but the conversation soon shifts towards explaining how and when he got introduced to and involved in the blockchain technology and the crypto market we know today.

Among the most attention-drawing topics was the fact that Daniel Popa had a chance to invest into BitCoin back in 2004, but after some investigating realized it was too volatile an endeavor. He goes on to explain that he was shocked when he saw BitCoin value rising up to 20.000 dollars, which made him get even more skeptic, but at the same time extremely intrigued.

They go on to talk about Ethereum, especially how and why this platform reminded Popa of VIOP. According to him, it was all about the ICO and the innovation behind their technology. However, as Ethereum started growing too fast, he soon realized their entire system was volatile and not sustainable, which in a way prompted Popa to start thinking about new ways to create a truly stable cryptocurrency.

And that’s how the idea behind Anchor started to gradually form, and for him it was all about preserving value.

To take a listen to this entire podcast and find out more about Anchor and Daniel Popa, visit: Creating a Usable Scale for Money with Daniel Popa.

Title photo was taken from Evolvement Podcast.