AzCentral on Daniel Popa, Asian Leg of Global Investor Roadshow, and Anchor Stablecoin

AzCentral, part of the USA Today network and one of the most trusted business news platforms, has recently published a great article on our own Daniel Popa, Anchor as the new stablecoin that can help both the crypto market and global economy, and about the successfully completed Asian leg of Global Investor Roadshow.

SMC Capital and Anchor have recently hosted top crypto exchanges, funds, and media including Singapore Exchange, Bibox, IDCM Exchange, Crypto Investor Asia, Kraken, Huobi, Fenbushi, Neo Global Capital, and many more.

As AzCentral reports, Daniel Popa, the founder and CEO of The Anchor stablecoin, presented their cryptocurrency model that many think is the only stable, nonvolatile, and scalable solution for the current overarching problems within the blockchain industry and the crypto market. They explained why and how Anchor has the potential to:

  • Maintain stability
  • Preserve and even enhance the value of its tokens
  • Pose as a solid solution for the current volatility problems and enhance global economy
  • Be a great investment opportunity as token users’ holdings are likely to appreciate
  • Hedge market volatility

They also talk about the Anchor’s dual-token model and its scalable and strong tokenomic infrastructure that has been designed in such a way so its value is always capable of preserving a stable peg of value in the form of the MMU (Monetary Measurement Unit).

John Slyusarev, the SMC Capital Managing Partner, had this to say: “The two private events in Asia brought together a premiere gathering of some of the most influential players in the Asian crypto investment space. Our joint invitation-only private dinners gave the Anchor team unparalleled exposure to Partner and C-level executives from over 40 crypto funds and C-level decision makers from more than 10 of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.”

To read more about Anchor, stablecoins, and investing in our model, and the successfully completed Asian leg of Global Investor Roadshow – click on this link.

Title photo by PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay.