Event Report: Anchor Successfully Completes Its Global Roadshow with Consensus and New York Blockchain Week

From attending Consensus, Ethereal Summit, Crypto Briefing Connect, New York Blockchain Center Breakfast Series, Coin Center’s fundraiser gala, The Blockparty, to presenting at ST Futures, and sitting on the panel of Understanding the Risk and Complexity of the Stablecoin Market, as well as our own private dinner — just to name a few — this week was non-stop.



One of the most prestigious conferences in the blockchain industry, Consensus is an annual three-day convention in the heart of New York City.

Consensus kicked off with Tetras Capital founder Alex Sunnarborg delivering the latest state of Blockchain findings; Microsoft announced its launch of the first decentralized infrastructure implementation by a major tech company built on the bitcoin blockchain; and Sigal P. Mandelker, Under Secretary for the Treasury Department’s Terrorism and Financial Intelligence unit warned audience members not to skimp on anti-money laundering efforts. According to Mandelker, the crypto space can expect forthcoming FATF guidance as early as June.

There was a general sentiment among some advocates of the blockchain movement, particularly those focusing on ethereum, believe that the technology (or future iterations of it) are setting the stage for the creation of a new internet (or Web 3.0): one that is more decentralized with the balance of power tipped toward users rather than big corporations and platform operators.

Consensus and New York Blockchain Week attracted some of the biggest names in the industry including:

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital in the photo below together with Anchor’s VP of Sales, Michael Trickey at The Blockparty event.

Ron Paul, former congressman, presidential candidate, and cryptocurrency support; and Nick Spanos, Blockchain pioneer and founder of Bitcoin Center and; together with Anchor’s Chief Communications Officer, Olya Moskalenko at Consensus.

Alex Mashinsky, billionaire and Founder of the Celsius Network among many other successful companies and inventor of VOIP together with Anchor’s COO, Cristian Bronescu having lunch in midtown New York.

Crypto Mom (SEC) and Crypto Dad (CFTC) sharing the stage and co-telling a heartwarming frog-and-toad story at the Coin Center Annual Dinner attended by Anchor’s CEO, Daniel Popa, and CCO, Olya Moskalenko.



Anchor’s VP of Government Relations, Andrew Sarega had the opportunity to speak at ST Futures and took the stage to officially launch our Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) Simulator. By being anchored to the global economy, Anchor aims to preserve purchasing power and monetary value over time. The MMU Simulator demonstrates the value of the algorithmic index against a basket of the 10 strongest national economies based on annual GDP and participation in the global economy.

Users are able to select a start-date and an end-date to graph the MMU’s value over the course of the selected time period and observe the trendline in daily and weekly increments. Users can also choose from 19 of the most widely-used fiat currencies to express the value of the MMU based on daily exchange rates and compare the difference in value and purchasing power between the selected currency and Anchor. Anchor is the first currency pegged to the MMU, any currency, both fiat and crypto, can anchor their value to the MMU to ensure stability and steady, long-term appreciation.

Anchor’s team of PhD economists and mathematicians have worked diligently over the last two years on solidifying the MMU algorithm and I could not be more proud to present the MMU Simulator for public testing. The MMU Simulator demonstrates how Anchor has leveraged the sustainable growth of the global economy in order to offer stable financial solutions to individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations.

Check out the MMU Simulator and see for yourself the purchasing power and value you would preserve over time with Anchor.



Together with our partner SMC Capital, a New York-based venture capital and advisory firm, we hosted a private roundtable dinner that took place on the sidelines of Consensus at the Novotel Times Square in New York on May 14, 2019.

We were honored to have the company of and to meet some of the most important influencers and industry leaders in the US and around the world. Top crypto exchanges, funds, and media that attended included Ben Franklin Technology Partners, DHVC, GBIC, Tess Ventures, Sora Capital, OK Blockchain Capital, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, CitdexVentures, Piexgo, Coineal, Bitrue Exchange, Atomic Capital, CoinDesk, Crypto Briefing, among others.

With each stop on our global roadshow, we meet both new and familiar faces in the blockchain community and are continuously infused with the adrenaline that runs through this lightning-speed paced industry. Whether bear or bull, Anchor is in it for the long haul and we are excited to be collaborating with other believers who have lasted through the test of time and skepticism.


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