Proactive Investors: Daniel Popa, the CEO of Anchor, on the New Stablecoin Launch and How Anchor Came To Be

As one of the leading news sources on the world of finance and investing, Proactive Investors is a force to be reckoned with. Recently, the media portal interviewed Anchor’s CEO, Daniel Popa, and gained an insight into how Anchor works and the idea that underlines it.

In the beginning, Anchor was trying to create a measurement unit that would offer the ultimate level of stability. However, since it’s able to do more than just that, Anchor knows that now is the time to bring out a stablecoin that won’t be affected by the volatility of the currency it is pegged to.

How Anchor’s stablecoin sets itself apart from the rest

Today, many stablecoins maintain a certain level of stability. Tether, for example, is pegged to the US dollar, which was a fine idea in the beginning. Still, according to international data, the US dollar has lost 55% of its purchasing power in just 25 years. What’s more, it’s going down by 2.5% each year, becoming even more unstable with each passing minute.

In contrast, Anchor’s scientific team has developed a measurement unit — an index that reflects the current economic growth. Thus, it’s the first truly stable financial tool that’s able to provide everyone with the exact level of security they need to safeguard their assets and savings.

Daniel Popa also talked about the upcoming launch of Anchor’s stablecoin.

To learn more about Anchor’s mission, watch the entire interview here.


Title photo was taken from Proactive.