PR Web On Anchor Stablecoin and Test Net Launching

Anchor stablecoin and test net launch, one of the most active platforms in the world of digital marketing, has recently published an attention grabbing article on Anchor stablecoin, our test net launching, and featured our own Daniel Popa who explained why Anchor has the potential to become the one truly stable cryptocurrency and thus change the course of global economy.

The article starts off with the PRWeb team explaining what Anchor model looks like, how it works, and what the value of our coin is pegged to. They reported on Anchor’s upcoming roll out of public platform testing during which we will be showcasing our platform, but also the Validators’ dashboard, which is among the most significant steps toward our private token presale that is happening this May.

The article offers insight into what our stablecoin is capable of and introduces Anchor as the “transparent and scalable alternative to Tether (USDT), and other stablecoins.” This is, of course, due to our ground-breaking tokenomic dual-token infrastructure designed to create the only algorithm-based cryptocurrency that is truly decentralized and impervious to inflation.

“The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) is Anchor’s algorithmically-based peg of value that reflects the sustainable, long-term trend of global economic growth while protecting against inflation, regional shocks, and politically-biased influences,” writes PRWeb.

They also featured Popa who explained the mechanism behind Anchor in more detail and called out for both – experienced crypto traders and those who are only now entering the world of cryptocurrency – to give Anchor a try and test out our public and Validator platforms.

To read the entire PRWeb’s article on our stablecoin, and find out more about our token presale, go to Anchor Stablecoin and Non-Flationary Financial Index Launches Test Net.

Title photo by Mohamed Hassan, Pixabay.