SMC Capital Announces a Strategic Partnership with Anchor


SMC Capital​, a NYC-based venture capital and advisory firm, has formed a strategic partnership with ​Anchor​, the only stablecoin project that is indexed to the true value of the global economy. SMC Capital will be introducing the Anchor team to investors in a series of exclusive meetups set to take place on the sidelines of major industry conferences in Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, London, and New York.

Anchor’s dual-token stablecoin is pegged to the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU), a proprietary algorithm developed by a team of PhD economists that indexes to the real growth of the global economy by factoring in daily fluctuating macroeconomic data from from twenty of the world’s largest economies. The MMU reflects the growth of the world’s real GDP, diminishing the slow erosion of wealth caused by inflation and protecting against the volatility of regional shocks to ensure long-term stability based on the sustainable trend of global economic growth. By pegging Anchor tokens to the MMU, the new stable currency and financial index offers investment funds, professional crypto traders, and the general public a predictable and dependable instrument that aims to preserve and enhance the value of their holdings.

John Slyusarev, Managing Partner of SMC Capital said: “The guiding principle of SMC’s investment and advisory thesis is to work exclusively with high-quality projects. We are very impressed with Anchor CEO Daniel Popa’s consistent decades-long success as a multi-national telecom entrepreneur. We are excited to work with Mr. Popa and his team to help market their promising stablecoin and financial index to our extensive network of investors, crypto funds, family offices, and private wealth partners in Asia, the US, and Europe.”

Daniel Popa, CEO of Anchor, said: “We’ve built an ambitious project and we firmly believe that Anchor will be an excellent addition to investors looking for a safe harbor and reliable hedging tool that also protects them against the risks a fiat-pegged stablecoin faces, such as inflation. Anchor is designed to help crypto traders hedge effectively and to offer accredited investors the potential to protect themselves against volatile economic scenarios. This is possible thanks to Anchor tokens that are backed by the intrinsic stability of the MMU, something no other stablecoin on the market can offer. We are confident that SMC Capital’s successful track record and strong reputation in hosting large-scale events, organizing tailored investor meetups, and providing valuable strategic consulting will help us present Anchor effectively to a select group of targeted investors around the world.”

SMC and Anchor will partner together to host a series of closed-door events for selected investors, funds, cryptocurrency exchanges, media, and key opinion leaders. SMC has invited Andrew Sarega, Anchor’s Vice President of Government Relations, to speak at SMC’s branded

Security Token Future​ conference on March 15 in Hong Kong prior to Anchor’s first investor meetup set to take place later that evening.

Title photo by SMC Capital, official logo.