Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy detailed below (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) describes how  Anchor AG with its principal place of business located at Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland  (“Company,” “Anchor,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) and its owners, employees, and related third-party entities (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) collect user data. Additionally, this Policy is applicable to any affiliated websites and services which the Company provides (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).

User Information Collection

The Website constantly collects user data and information from individuals and entities who use its Services. This information gathering includes but is not limited to data that the users give when they sign up for Website newsletters, the information they provide while they contact the Website through online forms, or while they take part in an online survey, contest or promotion, or by communicating with the Website using any method not specifically listed here. 

The information that the Website gathers may include but is not limited to user email addresses, including any other type of information that a Website user chooses to share while making use of Website services. 

The Website is allowed to collect information regarding a specific user from sources not originating on the Website itself and combine this data with the information that the user gives while making use of Website Services. 

Some types of user information are gathered automatically when the users access Website Services. 

Should users access the Website and its services using a computer, the Website could retain the following information:

  • The last websites that users access before visiting the Website
  • The kind of internet browser software that the user has, as well as its language settings
  • The exact date and time of when the user has accessed the Website
  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the user
  • The user’s approximate location, obtained via their IP
  • The operating system that the user’s computer was operating on while they visited the Website. 

Should a user access the Website via a mobile device, the Website is allowed to gather the information below:

  • The unique ID of the mobile device
  • The unique ID of the mobile device
  • The mobile carrier of the user’s phone
  • The brand and version of the mobile browser

Apart from the above-mentioned kinds of user data, the Website is also allowed to collect user data related to Website statistics and information related to how the users access the Website Services. 


The Website gathers certain kinds of user information through “cookies” automatically. 

Relevant legal regulations on internet security define “cookies” as small-sized data files which websites send and store on user computers. The Website may utilize cookies to better the user experience related to the Website Services and the Website in general. 

Most internet browser settings are set to accept cookies by default. Depending on the personal tastes and preferences of the users, though, this may be changed. Users may choose to block cookie downloads and delete them. However, doing this while using the Website will possibly result in altered user experience. 

Web Beacons 

The Website may gather user data using web beacons, also referred to as pixel tags. These are digital images possibly used in Website emails or services. They are designed and used to improve the effectiveness of digital media campaigns, count Website visits, and deliver cookies. Also, the Website may use them to check if a user has opened a specific email. 

Advertisements and Third-Party Analytics

The Website may hire third parties to provide it with advertising services, as well as analytics services. Such third parties may use cookies, web beacons, and other similar devices or technologies to gather user information related to Service activities, as well as their activities on different third-party websites and applications. 

The user data that the above-mentioned third parties may gather includes:

  • Conversion information
  • Previous websites which the users visited
  • The users’ IP address
  • Links clicked by the users
  • Time spent on specific pages or in apps
  • Information on the users’ browser software

The Website and the related third-party entities mentioned above are allowed to utilize this data for the enhancement of digital marketing strategies such as but not limited to targeting of content. 

Use of Information

The Website may use the gathered user information for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Improving and maintaining its Services
  • Delivering information to users related to the provision of Services and products
  • User question responses and adequate customer care
  • Providing users with information on rewards, promotions, and contests, as well as other services and products. 
  • Delivering rewards to contest winners
  • Observing trends related to Website usage
  • Providing users with content that is in line with their interests and user profiles. 
  • Fulfilling any other legally allowed purposes with which the data was collected. 

Information Sharing

The Website may disclose user data in the following circumstances:

  • With the users’ consent or at their request;
  • To third-party entities which operate as service providers or vendors, acting on behalf of the Website and need access to user information in order to complete their duties successfully;
  • To third parties that are in a business partnership with the Website, in relation to questionnaires, surveys, and contests, should the user not opt-out of this sort of information sharing.  
  • At the request of relevant legal authorities, should such disclosure be in compliance with the applicable regulations on digital data security or if specifically required by any relevant piece of legislation. 
  • If the Website is led to believe that a specific user’s action wasn’t in compliance with the language and/or spirit of the previously agreed-upon policies and user agreements, implemented to safeguard the security and property rights of the Website, its related third parties, and other Website users. 
  • During the negotiations over a transaction which includes the entirety or a part of the Website owner’s assets, or while the Website’s owner merges with a different company, or if the Website’s owner is acquired by another company in its entirety. 

The Website may additionally disclose user information if it doesn’t contain any personal information or if it is simply aggregated data that no one can use to identify an individual user. 

Social Sharing Features

The Website may implement a series of optional plug-ins (such as Facebook’s “Like” button) or similar features or tools with the purpose of giving Website users an option to share the actions they perform on the Website with different social media and other websites, as well as vice versa. 

In compliance with the users’ chosen settings for the utilization of third-party social features, such plug-ins may entail the sharing of user information with particular social groups or the general public. 

When it comes to third-party social media websites, the legality, and scope of information gathering, as well as its intended purposes, may vary wildly. In regards to this, the Website accepts no liability. Users should read the respective privacy policies of the appropriate third parties to learn about their methods and practices instead. 

Security and Safety

The Website utilizes every single reasonable precaution and measure to make sure that the collected user information is safe and secure in order to reduce misuse to a minimum or prevent it entirely, along with any alteration, destruction, non-consensual disclosure, or unauthorized access to information. 

Data Retention

The Website retains the gathered user information for a time period which is appropriate in the context of the purpose with which the information was initially collected. Some types of data may be kept longer, for legal purposes or in line with legitimate and legal business interests. 

Privacy Policy Changes

The Website Privacy Policy is constantly subject to change. If any changes are made, all users will be notified via email and/or a declaration on the Website itself. Every time users access the Website for a specific Service or product, they are hereby advised to check if the Privacy Policy has sustained any changes.