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March 15, 2019, Hong Kong

Anchor discussed the future of stable coins at the largest STO global conference series dedicated to STOs and tokenization. 
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About the Event

Anchor Event Report Token2049 Hong Kong and Investor Dinner

Hong Kong was at the center of the blockchain community attention from 13th to 14th of March, as the premier crypto event on the Asian market took place there.

As always, Token2049 offered unparalleled access to insights of industry leaders, as well as unprecedented networking opportunities.

We used our time at Token2049 well and took advantage of numerous high-quality sessions that took place during the event. We had the opportunity to hear some interesting discussions regarding the future of cryptocurrencies and the entire blockchain market.

However, Anchor didn’t only attend this event, we also participated a panel discussion on stablecoins, exchanges and STO ecosystem at the ST Future event. Panelists for this discussion were Karen Chen – Coinsuper, Michael Zhao – IDCM Exchange, Tijana Damjanovic Gertner – Anchor, Brady Luo – Everitoken, Pindar Wong – VeriFi (Hong Kong) Limited. Discussing this topic with industry leaders and some of the most influential players on the Asia market helped us understand where Anchor’s place in this space is, as well as present our mission, vision, and values to a wide expert audience.

To finish our Hong Kong visit, we organized an exclusive, invite-only dinner, and offered investors, traders, and media alike a unique opportunity to access the most exciting financial product today.

Our founder and CEO Daniel Popa introduced the project in short, saying “If you’re trying to navigate the stormy sea of finance nowadays, you need a steady Anchor. That’s what we’re offering, together with a safe Dock for your holdings, to ensure that whatever you have earned or invested in your life doesn’t lose value.”

Anchor’s team members who have attended the event, enjoyed talking to crypto investors, funds, exchanges, and media representatives about this novel and promising solution to the current challenges of the crypto industry and traditional market.

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What is Anchor?

At the Security Token Future event Anchor will be presenting the one true stable currency and financial standard for the global market. 

The Anchor’s stable cryptocurrency will preserve and enhance the value of your holdings. The Anchor is pegged to the value of the global economy, and protected by a safety net that consists of six pillars.

The Anchor project is a game-changing cryptocurrency, promising to become the one true financial standard and a solution to longstanding deficiencies in the foundations of the global monetary system: transparency, guarantee, liquidity and trust. 

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Get Ready for Anchor’s Presale

Anchor is currently pending FINMA approval, after which we will be launching our Presale, offering Validator slots and Presale token batches to interested organisations and companies that meet our criteria.

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Meet the Team

Daniel Popa

Daniel Popa

Founder, CEO

With over 20 years of Business development experience, Daniel is a passionate visionary entrepreneur, who successfully launched numerous companies in the fields of software development, telecommunications, call centers and technology.

Andrew Sarega

Andrew Sarega

VP of Government Relations

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and currently sits on several country and state commissions. He is excited to begin his journey in the world of cryptocurrency, a journey he hopes will end with a new world digital currency.

Tijana Damjanovic Gertner

Tijana Damjanovic Gertner

Chief Marketing Officer

An experienced journalist with a passion for social media and content writing, Tijana is focused on delivering news and relevant information to the Anchor community. Tijana has a strong social media management and content writing background that enables her to deliver the Anchor’s message to the cryptocurrency market and general public.

Olya Moskalenko

Olya Moskalenko

Director of Media and Communications

Olya’s experience in assisting tech-based startups to create fully-integrated communications strategies, increase awareness, and engage audiences is invaluable. Her passion for the cryptocurrency and new technologies are the main reasons why her decade-long career has led her to Anchor. Here she will focus on media relations and reputation management of the financial standard that will change the crypto space.

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