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Anchor team

Business & Management Team

<p>Daniel Popa</p>

Daniel Popa

Founder, CEO
With over 20 years of Business development experience, Daniel is a passionate visionary entrepreneur, who successfully launched numerous companies in the fields of software development, telecommunications, call centers and technology.
<p>Cristian Bronescu</p>

Cristian Bronescu

Co-Founder, COO
A resourceful and hard hardworking project manager, Cristian has a strong technical and software background that helps him easily cross the bridge between the business and technical worlds, speaking both “languages” with the same proficiency.
<p>Andrew Sarega</p>

Andrew Sarega

VP of Foreign Relations
Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and currently sits on several country and state commissions. He is excited to begin his journey in the world of cryptocurrency, a journey he hopes will end with a new world digital currency.

Blockchain, Software & IT Team

<p>Artem Labunko</p>

Artem Labunko

VP of Engineering
As Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering Artem has been involved in the development of coherent platforms backed up with up-to-date technology stack to deliver products for a variety of channels. His main field of expertise is business intuitive and cost-efficiency oriented solution delivery. His core competencies are Ethereum based Blockchain and custom solutions for it, full SDLC management and Technical Architecture.
<p>Oleksii Matiiasevych</p>

Oleksii Matiiasevych

Ethereum Architect
Oleksii is known in the blockchain industry for saving millions of dollars during the Parity Wallet hack and for identifying vulnerabilities in 12+ top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges. He has worked with several blockchain projects including Tether, Bitso, Propy and TaaS. Having developed hundreds of smart-contracts and Ethereum applications, Oleksii is currently the lead Solidity architect at Ambisafe.
<p>Anna Medkova</p>

Anna Medkova

Project Manager
With a degree in psychology, Anna is passionate about people management and client communication. She has successfully planned, coordinated and delivered projects for more than 4 years in both product and outsource companies and is currently managing blockchain projects.
<p>Michael Khimich</p>

Michael Khimich

Solution architect and Full-stack developer
Michael has a specialist’s degree in Political Science. He is a full-stack engineer with 4 years of experience writing front- and back-end applications with Python, JavaScript, Black Magic and other technologies.
<p>Yurii Kabai</p>

Yurii Kabai

Frontend Engineer
Yurii has a master’s degree in Computer Science. He is a full-stack engineer with 6 years of experience writing front- and back-end applications with React, Angular, Node and other technologies. Yurii has solid background in projects on wealth management, economic models, blockchain and digital advertising.
<p>Olia Nistratova</p>

Olia Nistratova

Frontend Engineer
Olia has more than 3 years of commercial experience, providing front-end development, producing high-quality responsive websites, exceptional user experience and building single page applications with React. Olia has solid background in projects on education management, e-commerce and blockchain.
<p>Anton Simernya</p>

Anton Simernya

Python Developer
Anton has 9 years of experience in Software Development and 4 years in building, deploying and maintaining blockchain-based applications. He is proficient in backend development architecture and cloud infrastructure solutions.
<p>Ivan Marković, PhD</p>

Ivan Marković, PhD

Token Economy Creator
While developing his own blockchain project in Education, having found that his academic and strategic skills translate well to blockchain solutions, Ivan caught the blockchain bug and has not looked back ever since.

Monetary Measurement Unit Team

<p>Zoran Grubišić, PhD</p>

Zoran Grubišić, PhD

Value Peg (MMU) Developer
Zoran is the lead expert on the MMU development project. He is also a university professor and internationally recognized expert in open macroeconomics, international finance and  financial valuation, with many scientific research papers presented at prestigious conferences.
<p>Aleksandar Manić</p>

Aleksandar Manić

Quantitative Finance Expert
Aleksandar is the lead researcher and quantitative finance expert on the MMU Project. He is highly enthusiastic and passionate about the Anchor mission and vision, and has undertaken a research quest to discover the proper balance between micro- and macroeconomics, anticipating the market’s majestic demands, and applying his findings to the success of the Anchor System.

Sales and Marketing Team

<p>Michael Trickey</p>

Michael Trickey

VP of Sales
Mike comes to us with over twenty years of sales executive experience from software industries. His ability to develop new relationships and maintain existing ones, will go along way in moving the Anchor forward.
<p> Cosmin Gheara</p>

Cosmin Gheara

Sales Manager
Self-starter with entrepreneurial mindset, able to build relationships quickly, with solid background of sales, business management, experienced in leading technical and sales teams.
<p> Irinel Marcu</p>

Irinel Marcu

Market Research Analyst
Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working and interacting with people. Skilled in Research, Customer Service, Management, and Strategic planning. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from University of Phoenix.
<p>Miloš Milosavljević</p>

Miloš Milosavljević

Chief Marketing Officer
Miloš Milosavljević is a seasoned communications professional, focused on producing and delivering end-to-end digital marketing strategies for a wide range of industries. On the Anchor project, he is the lead marketing strategist.
<p>Tijana D. Gertner</p>

Tijana D. Gertner

Chief Product Officer
As a media and marketing expert with significant experience in organization, performance improvement, product management and product strategy creation, Tijana is in charge of project management, while working closely on product development and marketing .
<p> Olya Moskalenko</p>

Olya Moskalenko

Chief Communications Officer
Olya brings over a decade of experience helping businesses increase awareness, engage audiences, and drive revenue. Her career in communications and business development spans the globe working with multinational corporations, iconic brands, and innovative startups across a diverse portfolio of industries including blockchain and cryptocurrency, technology, finance, real estate, and entertainment. As CCO, Olya develops strategy and oversees execution of all media activities, public relations, and communications on behalf of Anchor.
<p> Brana Rakić</p>

Brana Rakić

Sales Manager
Brana enjoys connecting with people and finding solutions for their pain points. She has helped several successful startups to grow rapidly and gain a devoted and satisfied audience. She has joined the crypto space to help Anchor do the same.
<p>Lana Dobrić</p>

Lana Dobrić

Content and Community Developer
Lana is a digital marketing enthusiast, focused on content creation, social media marketing, and community management. She loves bringing ideas into reality, especially those that make a difference.
<p>Dragan Šakotić</p>

Dragan Šakotić

Content and Community Developer
Dragan is a passionate content developer who fell in love with blockchain technology and became crypto enthusiast, with a great interest in trading.