Anchor Wallet

Introducing the Anchor Wallet

A Secure and Stable Store of Value

The Anchor Wallet is a secure, web-based digital wallet where users can directly purchase Anchor tokens (ANCT) and exchange them for major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC).

Wallet owners can purchase ANCT in exchange for any global fiat currency simply and easily by linking a credit card or bank account directly to the Anchor Wallet. The Anchor Wallet also provides ease of liquidity at any point in time by using the wallet’s transfer feature to any Ethereum wallet address. 

Anchor token and wallet owners will benefit from long-term price stability, and steady appreciation of value over time, while hedging inflation and market volatility.

Your Secure and Stable Store of Value

Read in more detail about how Anchor plans to remain resilient to inflation and market volatility, without having to rely on collateralization. Download our whitepaper >>


Crypto Traders and Stablecoin Champions,
Right This Way!

Register for an Anchor Wallet account and receive rewards by becoming an early member of out community. 

Everyone who applies for an Anchor Wallet and passes the KYC will be eligible for our referral program. Scroll down to find out more about what you can do the with the Anchor Wallet, as well as the instant benefits of membership, or register right away via the button below.

Who Should Apply for A Wallet


Purchase, Sell and Transfer Anchor Tokens (ANCT)
with other Ethereum Wallets

Here is what you can do with the Anchor Wallet right now:

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Purchase Anchor tokens (ANCT) in exchange for any fiat currency in the world by connecting your credit card or bank account to the Anchor Wallet.
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Purchase Anchor tokens in exchange for major crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum and Tether.
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Cash out on your Anchor tokens (ANCT) for fiat and crypto-currencies on the exchanges.
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Transfer Anchor tokens (ANCT) from your Anchor Wallet to another Anchor wallet.
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Transfer Anchor tokens (ANCT) from your Anchor Wallet to other Ethereum-based wallets.

instant benefits of closed beta membership

Buy Anchor Tokens Free of Transaction Fees

From the moment you are granted access to the Anchor Wallet closed beta, you can start buying Anchor tokens (ANCT) in exchange for fiat and crypto, free of our stability fee for a limited amount of time.

Referral Program

Participants will also have access to the Anchor Wallet’s referral program enabling them to earn 5% of the monthly trading volume in ANCT for each new referral for the initial three (3) months

5% anchor token


Apply for an Anchor Wallet be at the frontier of a leading stablecoin project
and take advantage of our referral program.